Video: Chilling details emerge from Afghan massacre

NBC's John Yang reports on the state of the investigation into Staff Sgt. Robert Bales and his possible role in the recent deaths of Afghan civilians.

>>> tonight we're learning some chilling new details about the night an american soldier is accused of leaving his base in afghanistan and slaughtering 17 afghan civilians.

>> reporter: all along there's been consistent reports that staff sergeant bale serks carried out this attack in to ways. just a little bit ago, his defense attorney , john henry brown told nbc news that this has been the government allegation all along, that this is something that the government has been telling him at least from the beginning. he says this is nothing new to the defense. now john henry brown has earlier said that john henry bales has only spotty memory of that night, remembers things before, remembers things after, but does not remember the event itself. the military investigation, even though charges have been filed, is not likely to be complete for several months.

>> and a program note , monday on "today," sergeant bales' weave karilyn will speak of behalf


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