Twitter apps are about to be flooded with ads

6 hrs.

The ads are coming! The ads are coming!

According to a post on the official Twitter blog, the social network's official mobile apps are about to get flooded with ads???ahem, I mean "promoted tweets."

Promoted tweets have appeared on the desktop version of the Twitter website as well as in mobile search results for quite some time, so most should be familiar with them already.?

What's changing is that promoted tweets will now start appearing in the official Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android apps:

Promoted tweets will appear in your timeline like any other tweet, and like regular tweets, they will appear in your timeline just once; as you scroll, the promoted tweet will flow with the rest of the tweets in your timeline.

Initially, you'll only see promoted tweets from companies or brands you already follow. If you feel that a promoted tweet isn't relevant to you, you can make it disappear "with a single swipe" (which will help Twitter provide better targeted ads, of course).

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