Happy, is looks for a warm person for a lifetime .

Update successfully!?Happy, is looks for a warm person for a lifetime. Today, I very want to tell in suddenly the world all people, treasures, treasures loves you the person, treasures has protected you in your side, you have worked as treasure human. That person is really very precious. He in your side time, you did not know you really that loves him, even thought oneself obtain the loving care is the principle must, very little realizes his important, sometimes willful and he has a fit of temper with him, sometimes will think wearily, sometimes will think lacks the fervor, but when you will not have him to talk incessantly again in your side, nobody will manage you, when nobody will care about your indisposition, discovered suddenly, has lost, that most have loved actually human. ??The love is a long-time seesaw battle, is acquainted with one another from us to the dear friend, is loves one another all the way, arranges a front very long seesaw battle. Two 20 year longer time do not even occur together the human in the same place, will quarrel unavoidably, will have the difference. We are originally not a body, is only because of loves, but in the same place, then liked not being able to solve all problems actually. Because our individuality too has been strong, loves is one actually, therefore, always disputes not to stop, always in after opposite party noisy, discovers own willful, actually unavoidably next time willful. ??If in this world has sells regrets after the fact, I believed that each people hope to have, may after each time quarrel, the cold war takes a medicine, completely forgot, made a fresh start. Was a pity really that does not have this medicine, and has, will always regret will also have the antibiotic nature, each time quarrel will leave behind an injury, many a little makes a mickle, will become your burden and his worry. Everybody will not record a small quarrel on the heart, but two three times? Very many times? All quarrels change into the grievance finally, some on first, will always erupt. ??Our each people have loved, I believed that is very earnest, perhaps some lost has been very long, but remembers until now, faint will ache. Because once he left you and he carries off finally from your side is unexpectedly equally many, extraordinary fair. Who doesn't have to owe anyone, was only initially did not know treasures. Perhaps you will say that previous time will be I has not treasured, this I will certainly complete, certainly will treasure! But how to treasure? ??Your spouse, you must attentively realize that understood his heart, pondered what he needs is assorted, in you pondered he needs the time which is assorted, you already earned his respect. Your spouse, you must protect attentively, does not want, because he compared to you or is a male chauvinist, thought that you could not protect him, your love compare any encourage to expand, you protected the human who sufficiently you loved. Your spouse, you must attentively treasure him, he do for you bit by bit, not only thank him, must bear in mind, frequently thinks him. Can like you laying down the face to endure patiently your bad temperament, is familiar with you and he completely dissimilar custom, considers your time and the rule, is he, because likes paying. ??Before you have a fit of temper, please first inspire, the deep breathing 5 times, then long aspirates 5 times. Then speaks again. When you have to him the opinion has question time, might as well writes a letter tells him, believed you in write a letter in the process, you first had been already gentle, the melancholy mood already obtained the alleviation originally. Sometimes possibly finished believes itself already no longer to be angry. Because writes a letter needs to express needs to think, let you be tranquil first. Like this used the letter to communicate, has been short the spoken language conflict, many some communications, will have let between you the question be solved with the most reason way, will not quarrel again or the cold war replaces. ??Puts in you mhght as well directly tells him you the idea, lets him know that your real idea, you want to do this actually, how do you need him to do actually. Always do not let him guess your thoughts, because your thoughts actually really very difficult to guess. It is not between all love person has that kind of intercommunication sixth sense. If he could not guess correctly that your thoughts do not need to be angry, because you did not know actually he guessed your thoughts used the long time to waste how many brain cell. ??You are sad might as well first tells yours concern he, perhaps he also does not have to be assorted the good means that but you love at least the human certainly will give you to comfort. Sometimes he very direct will tell you mistakenly, also do not be angry, he will be is good for you, he only will be stands in the onlooking angle for you an instruction, perhaps after waiting for you calms down, you to think that his means will be very good, even if will not be feasible must forgive his thoughts. In turn, discovered that time he has slightly is incorrect wants to care about him, pays attention to his brow, pays attention to his mood. Understands him, even if could not understand that also attempted to understand. ??Before you decided that might as well tells him you the decision, this is respects him the performance. Possibly he meets does not approve, but definitely for yours respect but will be gratified. If happen to also approves, congratulates you, also advanced yours happiness. But when his decision making, do not excessively many interventions, for him as far as possible many spaces. Believes me, although you fall in love, but complete individual, therefore lets him decide. Even if you do not approve, also do not at his face excited time tells him, encourages him! Afterward tactful gives him some opinions. In faces the misery time do not despise you spouse's ability, also do not because of own melancholy move the crime in him. He is not easy, he and you are facing the difficulty equally, he also wants to consider your idea, actually he is more difficult. With him, believed diligently together you are together assorted can solve. Do not alone go to face difficultly, because nobody hoped that own spouse face alone difficultly, might pass with enjoys happily is the same important together difficultly together, no matter facing were assorted, believed that took two people in the same place.

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