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Desktop hard drives might be the best investments that you can make but finding the very best ones will take a little bit of searching. You need to be certain that the hard drive will work properly with your computer and that it is actually big enough to serve all of your needs. Your budget has to be a factor as well, as you can find products in many different price ranges. In order to find the best desktop hard drive for your own purposes, we will look at the best options out there. Having said that, prior to making that final buying decision, it?s always best to browse through external hard drive reviews and also online backup reviews websites to pick up evaluations and customer responses, including knowing the advantages and disadvantages of external hard drive compared to online backup.

The LaCie Rugged All Terrain Portable External Hard Drive is, as you?ve figured out, a durable and tough hard drive that will work just about any place that you want to take it. It?s built with a shell that is aluminum and that will resist scratches as well as a rubber bumper that is shock resistant and will help protect it from accidents.

You should still be careful with it, though, especially when it?s actually transferring files. This external hard drive is made to be compatible with any computer, as it gives you FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2. 0 compatibility. You only need to plug it into your computer, there isn?t even an extra cord for power. The LaCie Rugged external hard drive offers as much as 500 GB of storage space which is pretty nicely sized though you can certainly buy more.

The G-Technology G-Drive external hard drive is a high performance storage solution that is especially useful for professionals who use specialized software. It?s also fantastic for the transfer of videos and photos. The G-Technology G-Drive has lots of storage capacity?3TB worth, which is nearly 3, 000 GB so it isn?t likely that you will run out of space any time soon. It gives you a bunch of different options for connectivity including Firewire 400, 800 and USB 2. 0.

This external hard drive costs more than most out there?it has a suggested retail value of about $450, but you can find it for a lot less if you don?t mind doing some shopping around. This is more suited for people who need a high end external drive with many capabilities.

When you buy your desktop hard drive you can pay attention to the price but it?s better to pay more and get more than to pay less and get very little. You don?t want to take a massive security risk when your goal is more secure data. In addition to a manufacturer?s warranty you should look for a brand name that is well respected in the industry. It can be really hard to live with the consequences of going with a cheaper desktop hard drive over one that has a proven track record. Consumer reviews are also great sources of information about the hard drive so don?t forget about them too. Trying to figure out which desktop hard drive is best for you means that you should think about your needs plus your budget. Make sure that you get a hard drive that will offer as much storage space as you need. You need to choose a brand with a fantastic reputation and it?s smart to read through some consumer reviews. If you do your homework, you can find the desktop hard drive that is the right drive for you. .

External Hard Drive Vs Online Backup

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