Homeschooling Dads - Special Forces What's the Difference?

Homeschooling dads are the ?Special Forces? of the married-working-male world. We advise the instructors. We encourage the warriors. We support the combatants. We pick up our weapons and fightright along with our allies.

Home School is our business. And business is good.?
Homeschooling Dads as Advisors

Sometimes our advice is solicited and sometimes it isn?t. In either case, as with love and war, it falls on us dads to be diplomatic.
Our ally (the Homeschooling Mom) may not to seem to be working off the same battle plan at times but always remember; politics makes strange bedfellows. The savvy soldier knows how to make these alliances work!

Take the time to listen. She is in the battle with us and needs our input. Wait for her to ask what you think before contributing. Visit Homeschooling Curriculums to get the Intelligence on the situation prior to engaging in your role as advisor.

Top Secret!:? Your partner may come up with a plan of attack on her own. Let her talk through the situation while you offer knowing nods and grunts. Being a good leader is knowing when to listen and in this case she may come up the solution and you?ll still be an effective ally!

The homeschooling dad as the Encourager

Being a teacher is a thankless job. Being a mother/teacher is even more so. Our partners need our encouragement. After all they?ve been around kids all day. Our children get frustrated too.

It?s up to us to offer homeschool encouragement and forestall any infighting among the troops.

As soon as you get home engage the kids. They?ll be ready for a break even if the school day isn?t over. After they visit with you let them watch a quick show or play so you can spend a little time with your wife.

There will be days that she?s just ready to wave the white flag! Make sure you?re informed on the Dad?s Pros and Cons of Homeschooling prior to the engagement.

Dad as Supporter
?The support role comes naturally to homeschooling dads. We?re usually the main financial contributors to the home school family. We earn the money and pay the bills.

The job doesn?t end with picking up the KFC after work. Sorry, tired soldier. The support role is never done. It may involve giving your toddler a bath or worse yet, THE DISHES!

If you?re having trouble making your home school family?s ends meet or if you just need a little extra cash to get ahead you might have to write your own homeschooling site??

? or whatever else you may be passionate about.

Dad as the Fighter
Yes, this is our fight too and sometimes we need to roll up our sleeves and wade in swinging. There?s a virtual arsenal right within your own fort.

Us Special Forces types have to be jacks of all trades but each of us has our own niche. Math may be your strong suit. Or maybe you enjoy reading.

If those aren?t your weapons of choice visit the Homeschooling Games page and grab something from the weapons rack! Get in the FIGHT!

Dad as the Leader
You?ve delegated the home school teaching to your partner. You?ve given your family the resources. Now, GET OUT OF THE WAY and let her home school!

You know that good leaders see the big picture and take care of details. Take care of your family?s needs so their education will run smoothly.

Protect them. If you haven?t done so check out the Homeschool Legal Defense page to ensure that nothing interferes with your home school mission.


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