Advanced Technology Labs Israel: Year in Review

Posted by Adi Diamant, director of Advanced Technology Labs Israel

Year in Review

The latest in a series of posts from the directors of Microsoft Research?s labs worldwide, this one from Adi Diamant of Advanced Technology Labs Israel (ILABS).

ILABS has enjoyed a productive year, full of tech transfers and with a clear vision to continue and increase impact with more innovative ideas and breakthrough technologies in the areas of computer vision and interaction mining.

Computer Vision
During 2011, our OneVision researchers presented new, advanced technologies for face detection, recognition, and tracking, resulting in significantly improved algorithms that provide much better accuracy, recall, and efficiency.

Based on our unique combination of product-driven research and creative engineering, we managed to transfer our solutions to various product groups across Microsoft. Bing Images, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Phone, and Kinect benefited from improved face-detection and face-recognition solutions from our lab, and we continue to improve our face library to extend those contributions.

Bing Search
Collaborating with colleagues from Microsoft Research, our applied researchers contributed several new, improved features for Bing. We continue to foster innovative solutions to support Bing?s task-completion strategy, to improve Bing?s usability and relevance, and to leverage social networks to enhance the Bing experience.


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